Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sneaky Things

I do and say things that aren'tr nesseraly true , but who doesn't. The only thing that i hate is that some of the things I say hurt the people that are closest to me. I often wish i could take them back but that is not possible. I believe that since I have been hurt by numerous people throughout my life, it is my turn to hurt someone, now that I am older I realize this is wrong.

I told a few Lies to a guy that I liked about my bestfriend whom liked this guy to, inspite of her being in a commited relationship. I thought me pursuing this guy was no big deal because of my friends situation. Eventually I was able to swoon the guy and we eventually had sexually relations. He was one of the nicest thoughtful people I had ever meet, but after our lusty night I realized that, he was simply a chidish little boy.

I have yet to tell my bestfriend of me and the guys intimate night, but that no longer matters because me and her are no longer friends. Karma.


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